Classical Saxophone

Undergraduate Audition Requirements

There are two parts to the classical saxophone audition:

Part A: Prepared Selections
Select either of the following:

Option 1
Contrasting movements of standard literature such as Bozza Improvisation and Caprice, Milhaud Scaramouche, Ibert Concertino de Camera, etc. Please contact Jon Amon before the audition if you choose to prepare a piece of standard literature.

Option 2

Two contrasting etudes from Selected Studies for Saxophone by H. Voxman (published by Rubank/Hal Leonard). Choose one lyrical and one technical selection from the list below.

Lyrical Selections: Technical Selections:
D Major on page 19 Tempo di marcia on pages 24-25
B Minor on page 21 C Minor on pages 26-27
F Minor on page 37 A Flat Major on pages 34-35


Two contrasting Ferling etudes (an even number and an odd number)

Part B: Scales

Students should be ready to play any of the twelve major scales by memory. Scales should be performed no slower than eighth notes at 72 beats per minute.

The audition can be played on any saxophone, but the majority of traditional saxophone repertoire is written for alto. If you are admitted on the classical saxophone performance track, you should expect to perform alto in private lessons.

For more information contact Jon Amon.