Undergraduate Audition Requirements

  • Major scales up to 4 flats/sharps (two octaves of D flat, D, E flat and E major) and full range chromatic scale
  • A solo work of your choice which demonstrates tone quality, intonation and musicality.
    Suggested pieces:
    Handel or Telemann Sonata, Albinoni Marcello, Cimerosa or other baroque concerto, Nielsen Fantasy Pieces, Piston Suite, Saint Saens Sonata, Jacob Bagatelles, etc.
  • An etude (from a book like Barrett, Niemann, Salviani, Weideman, Ferling etc) or additional solo work which demonstrates articulation and technical facility.

While students at URI will have lessons on English horn, all applicants are expected to audition on oboe only.

For more information contact Jane Murray.