Emergency Response Planning Guide


IMPORTANT:  If you will be using the digital files linked below, make sure to follow these instructions.

  • PDF – This file is fillable, allowing you to type in areas requiring information.
    **Save the PDF to your computer before typing in the document.
  • word file – This file can be customized by deleting sections that are not relevant to your water system or adding information where necessary.

Preparing an Emergency Response Plan is an essential part of managing a drinking water system. The Rhode Island Department of Health has made this document available to public water systems in the state to help them develop such plans.  The document includes:

1.  Emergency Response Planning Guide
                (PDF) (word file)

  • Each section of the guide provides background information and instructions for completing the templates in the Emergency Response Plan (Plan) section of this document. The Guide also can be used as an educational tool to help system staff and board members understand the key components needed for a well thought-out Emergency Response Plan.

2.  Emergency Response Plan
               (PDF) (word file)

Complete the templates in the Plan section to develop an Emergency Response Plan for the water system. Each section of the Plan refers to a corresponding section(s) in the Guide.

  • The Plan contains sections separated by yellow tabs. Each section contains templates to complete and develop the Emergency Response Plan. Each section in the Plan references a corresponding section in the Guide.
  • The Resources section is a place to store additional information specific to the water system and its Emergency Response Plan.

Vulnerability Assessment (PDF) (word file)

This Security Vulnerability Self-Assessment Guide is designed to help small water systems determine possible vulnerable components and identify security measures that should be considered.


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