International Nonviolence Trainer’s Award

The Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies at the University of Rhode Island (URI) recognizes Dr. Mohd Ashaq Malik with the International Nonviolence Trainer’s Award on June 1, 2024. Dr. Ashaq is honored for his dedication to Peacebuilding, which he exhibits through his excellence in teaching, research, mentorship, and activism in support of countless global initiatives directly related to Peace, Conflict Resolution, Coexistence, and Nonviolence. Dr. Ashaq’s endeavors to promote nonviolence extend over a vast geographical scope, as he sets a remarkable standard in Peacebuilding. Dr. Ashaq exemplifies strong leadership, courage, and
determination as he actively pursues the universal goal of many great peacemakers: for diverse people and cultures to coexist peacefully, successfully resolve conflicts, and learn and thrive together.
Dr. Ashaq tirelessly strives to bring about positive social transformation through various levels of formal and non-formal educational programs designed to foster a more peaceful and healthier planet, combined with other transformative initiatives for intercultural understanding and harmony. He grew his roots as a Botanist and still teaches this science in his native home country, India, as an Associate Professor of Botany at the Government Degree College of Thanna Mandi, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Dr. Ashaq earned his Ph.D. in Plant Virology and followed
that with an honorary Doctorate in Gandhian Philosophy and a D.Litt. He also earned his M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication and a P.G. in Human Rights.
In addition to these outstanding academic accomplishments, he is a long-term member of dozens of scientific and developmental organizations, including the Red Cross, the Gandhi Peace Foundation of Nepal, Amnesty International, and Rotary International. He established the NGO Attitude Change International and actively promoted and introduced Peace education into Jammu and Kashmir state curricula. Dr. Ashaq’s impact is not limited to a single region. Over his two-decade career, he has been a beacon of hope, supporting United Nations development organizations in countries such as Syria, Vietnam, Egypt, Angola, Georgia, Burkina Faso, West
Indies, Laos PDR, Germany, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and Eritrea.
As a global explorer, Dr. Ashaq has visited over twenty countries, including numerous trips to Nepal, the USA, Western Europe, and Egypt.  He has also spent time in Lebanon, Turkey, UAE, Yemen, Eritrea, Bangladesh, Thailand, South Africa, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Sri Lanka. During these travels, he steadily explored opportunities to create greater peace and harmony worldwide through his contributions to international seminars, conferences, workshops, presentations, and training to support global peacebuilding efforts. He has also introduced the
term Bioverance, where he advocates for the integration of Biodiversity in governance and war mathematics, a maiden approach to calculate the total loss – human, economic, and environmental, caused in a given war by violence vs. violence policies(mindset), and impress upon the parties to the conflict, to opt alternatives of peace, nonviolence, and brotherhood that would reduce the losses and consequent human sufferings.
Dr. Ashaq is also a prolific writer and has written four books, eight chapters, and over thirty research papers. He holds over twenty patents and has written over fifty popular articles while editing over one hundred issues of magazines and newsletters for various organizations. His publications on Refugees and volunteerism have been translated into French, Portuguese, and Spanish. Dozens of his poems on peace and nonviolence gained worldwide appreciation. In addition, Dr. Ashaq has received innumerable impressive awards and honors from various national and international organizations, including the Outstanding Scientist Award 2022, Global Shanti Samman 2021, Scientist of the Year 2021, Best Professor of Year Award 2020, Mahatma Gandhi- Sheikh Majibur Rahman World Peace Award- 2020, Rashterya Seva Ratna Award, Gandhi Peace Prize 2020, Emerging Scientist Award 2019, Humanitarian of the Year Award – 2016, Award of Honor from the Indian Red Cross Society, Commending President of Rotary Club Darhal Malkan (District 3070) 2010. Of all these inspiring honors, he is incredibly proud to have been awarded the highly esteemed Online Volunteer of the Year Award in 2005 by United Nations Volunteers of Germany, as he is one of the very few persons of Indian descent to receive
this prestigious award.
Despite his numerous achievements, Dr. Ashaq remains a humble and compassionate individual. His deep concern for the effects of violence on others and his dedication to reducing human suffering are testaments to his character. His devotion to the health of our planet is evident in his support of the International Union of Conservation of Nature Commissions, where he applies his
botanical wisdom to promote peace and well-being.
Dr. Malik first attended the 19th Annual International Nonviolence Summer Institute at the University of Rhode Island’s Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies in 2018 and received his Level 1 Kingian Nonviolence Trainers certification. He has returned during subsequent summer sessions and received his Level 2 Nonviolence Leadership Training in 2023. The University of Rhode Island’s Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies sincerely thanks Dr. Malik for his peaceful mission to improve the well-being of our planet and all those who dwell upon it. We are deeply grateful for his contributions and congratulate him on this esteemed International Nonviolence Trainer’s Award.