Abdullahi Bindawa


bindLevel I


  1. Fellow for United States Institute of Peace (USIP).
  2. Moderator and Peace Ambassador awarded by the United Nations Peacekeeping Training Center, India and United States.
  3. Certified Nonviolence Trainer by Center for Nonviolence & Peace Studies, The University of Rhode Island (URI).
  4. Peacekeeping Gold Medal Award by American Biographical Institute (ABI).


  •  His mission as a social change activist, to organize and educate adult education for democracy with emphasis on special projects, especially women’s empowerment and system related to nonviolence and social responsibility. His experience with nonviolence began at an early when he got involved with World Bank Institute and was stimulated by exposure to United Nations Goals on the leadership of the nonviolent civil right campaigns.
  •  He traveled the world promoting peace in a just and sustainable world, he was involved in intervention and prevention training, peace, nonviolence in African Countries and U.S Universities. He participated in dialogue as part of a national a delegation of interfaith leaders provided an opportunity for direct ongoing involvement in PEACE Campaigns through 2014/2015. He was recognized as a leader who combines skills of organizing social movement experience with innovative ideas about the philosophy of peace learning and leadership education.
  • Since 2010 his focus had been on institutionalizing the capacity to provide training, research, peace education and public information about nonviolent approaches to reconciling unjust social Conflicts and Violent Conditions.
  • He was retained by public and private organizations to design peace programs in leadership education about nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation and social change for democracy.
  •  He contributed his ideas relating peace, security, and defense and has a relationship to progressive political efforts throughout Africa, Middle East and European Countries.
  •  His Special Interest area in Conflict transformation and Peacebuilding is nonviolent direct action, Policy dialogue, regulation negotiation, shared decision making. In policy dialogue, and shared decision making, representatives of affected parties and sectors of the public termed stakeholders, work together with government officials to develop policies or regulations.
  •  Arms Control/Disarmament, including Nuclear Test Ban, Ballistic Missile Proliferation/Defense, Conventional Arms Transfers, Weapons Proliferation–Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical


  •  Conflict Prevention/Resolution
  •  Defense Budget
  •  Dismantling Chemical and Nuclear Weapons in the former Soviet Union
  •  Environmental and Energy Security, including the Nexus of Climate Change and Energy Use, Conflict, and Resource Scarcity
  •  Environmental Impact/Cleanup of Nuclear Weapons Production Complex
  • International Security
  •  Regional/Ethnic Conflicts, including East Asia, South Asia,  Middle East
  •  United Nations, including UN Peacekeeping
  •  Immigration, National Security, and Foreign Policy


Skype: bindawa_presidency | Twitter: @bindawa_peace |  Instagram: @bindawa_peace | Facebook Account ID: http://www.facebook.com/ambabdullahi.bindawa

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