Aviva Jobin-Leeds

Aviva Jobin-LeedsMassachusetts, USA

(Level I – 2015)


My dream is to start a summer camp for art in Boston, my city of origin. The way I see it, if children are encouraged and supported in artistic pursuit, their sense of self can take on many more dimensions and confidence. I personally believe in nonviolence so strongly as the primary strategy of protection. In so many situations, nonviolence allows for compassion and true learning to happen in an aggressor. I have heard stories form women who were about to be raped that avoided the abuse by simply saying something like, “Could you move your arm? You are hurting my neck.” In this pause the aggressor could realize what they were doing. There are moments in which people can gain awareness of their actions. I am really interested in taking this training as a teacher and as a person fighting for the right to humanity for all people.