Gulafroz Rezai


(Level I – 2015)
(Level II – 2016)

GulaI work as Operations Officer at UNESCO Kabul, promoting literacy in Afghanistan. The past three decades of war in Afghanistan has not only deteriorated its infrastructure and dismantled its elite leadership but also nurtured a culture of violence. The current generation having living throughout the war, have seen more violence than any other generation. Examples of violent arguments can be seen very often in Afghanistan, even in the least expected places, such as government offices. This environment can have a devastating effect on the young generation, who will be leading the country in the future. The younger generation needs to be taught about nonviolence and peaceful arguments. I strongly believe education can play the most significant role in this chronic conflict. I believe this International Nonviolence Summer Institute is a great opportunity to learn about nonviolence, and with the added knowledge contribute in designing better education programs for my country.

Gula was honored as the recipient of the Stookey Family Scholarship to support an international participant at the 14th International Nonviolence Summer Institute.