Nonviolence in RI Schools Task Force

Education Task ForceThe Nonviolence in Rhode Island Schools Task Force is well underway with a meeting on January 26 with educators and interested persons. There were over 30 people attending with a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the subject.

Robin Wildman and Carol Bragg, who have chaired monthly meetings for over a year focused on bringing Kingian nonviolence into model schools as prototypes, explained the goals and what has already been accomplished. Robin is a 5th grade teacher at Broad Rock Middle School in South Kingstown, RI and has led the way for all teachers in the school to bring the principles of Dr. King into their classrooms. This is the first school of nonviolence in our state.

One of the questions that small groups brainstormed ideas for was “What energizes us about having nonviolence taught in school.” There were many ideas and discussion.

There will be monthly meetings as we move ahead with this worthy project. Next month the meeting will be February 16, 7:00PM – 8:30PM at Oak Lawn Community Baptist Church, 229 Wilbur Avenue, Cranston, RI. There is a potluck dinner at 6:PM before the meeting. All are welcome.