“Violence Behind Closed Doors” – A Moving Play

Fifteen active members of the Sisters Overcoming Abusive Relationships (SOAR) presented a powerful and inspirational play, “Behind Closed Doors” at URI’s Edward Auditorium on October 24, 2013. The play was well attended by students, staffs, and faculty members. The event was hosted by the URI Peer Advocates and cosponsored by the PINK, WOWW, Uhurus Sasa and Women’s Leadership Coalition.

The surviving sisters who came from different demographic, racial, and occupational backgrounds reminded us all once again about the importance of nonviolence studies and practices. Laura Daussault, one of the performers, introduced herself as a Level II Kingian Nonviolence Trainer from the URI Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies. She expressed how she is using her nonviolence work and training to help domestic abuse victims. She was one of the courageous survivors who has been trying hard to eradicate domestic abuse from our society by raising awareness and educating people about this issue.

The moving play, written by SOAR members and based on their true stories, consisted of songs and heart-wrenching narratives. In many cases, the abusers acted kind and generous in the community, while treating their wives inhumanly behind closed doors in their own homes. The show ended with each performer receiving a red rose. The play was a reminder to us about the importance of nonviolence in our culture and how these terrible abuses could be eliminated from our society only when every community member identifies violence as an unacceptable action, whether it is domestic or international.   – Thupten Tendhar