Peter V. August

  • Professor Emeritus
  • Department of Natural Resources Science
  • Email:


Research in Dr. August’s lab centers around conservation biology, landscape ecology, and the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the analysis of environmental data. Particular areas of interest include the ecological importance of shape in the habitat mosaic, design of conservation networks to protect biodiversity, integration of GIS data and satellite imagery, and correlation of geomorphological variables with measures of biological richness. Current projects aim to enhance spatial data analysis capacity in the National Parks of the northeastern U.S., to measure patterns of biodiversity at landscape scales, and to develop land acquisition models for the conservation of natural resources.


Ph.D., Boston University, 1981
M.S., Texas Tech University, 1976
B.S., University of San Diego, 1974

Selected Publications

  1. Ruddock K, August PV, Damon C, LaBash C, Rubinoff P, et al. (2013) Conservation in the Context of Climate Change: Practical Guidelines for Land Protection at Local Scales. PLoS ONE 8(11): e80874. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0080874
  2. Murdukhayeva A*., August P., Bradley M., LaBash C., and N. Shaw. 2013. Assessment of Inundation Risk From Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge In Northeastern Coastal National Parks. Journal of Coastal Research. 
  3. Stolt, M., M. Bradley, J. Turenne, M. Payne, E. Scherer, G. Cicchetti, E. Shumchenia, M. Guarinello, J. King, J. Boothroyd, B. Oakley, C. Thornber, and P. August. 2011. Mapping Shallow Coastal Ecosystems: A Case Study of a Rhode Island Lagoon. Journal of Coastal Research. 27:1-15. [Link]
  4. Kuhn, A. *, J. Copeland, J. Cooley, H. Vogel, K. Taylor, D. Nacci, and P. August. 2011. Modeling habitat associations for the Common Loon (Gavia immer) at multiple scales in Northeastern North America. Avian Conservation and Ecology. 6:(1)4. 
  5. Vigness-Raposa, K. *, R. Kenney, L. Gonzales, and P. August. Spatial patterns of humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) sightings and survey effort: Insight into North Atlantic population structure. Marine Mammal Science. 26:161-175.
  6. August, P., J. Swift, Q Kellogg*, G. Page, P. Nelson, J. Opaluch, S. Cobb, C. Foster, and A. Gold. T Competency: A Simple Metric for Measuring Multidisciplinarity. Journal of Natural Resource and Life Science Education. 39:15-21
  7. Anthony, A. *, J. Atwood*, P. August, C. Byron*, S. Cobb, C. Foster, C. Fry, A. Gold, K. Hagos*, L. Heffner*, Q. Kellogg, K. Lellis*, J. Opaluch, C. Oviatt, A. Pfeiffer-Herbert*, N. Rohr*, L. Smith*, T. Smythe*, J. Swift, and N. Vinhateiro*. Coastal lagoons and climate change: Ecological and social ramifications in temperate ecosystems. Ecology and Society, 14:8-19.


  • NRS 409/509 – Concepts in GIS
  • NRS 410 – Fundamentals of GIS
  • NRS 522 – Advanced GIS
  • NRS 524 – Applications in GIS
  • NRS 534 – Ecology of Fragmented Landscapes
  • EVS 501 – Development of Learning Outcomes for MESM