Join a new generation of environmental leaders who contribute to our understanding of the world’s natural resources and design science-based solutions to the complex challenges we face.

Drawing information across multiple scales of scientific inquiry—from molecules to ecosystems and soils to the biosphere—you’ll learn how to integrate your knowledge to solve environmental problems, communicate and translate your knowledge effectively, and advance environmental sustainability for the benefit of society.

Undergraduate programs


Field experience

Experiential learning, research, and professional development are a key part of your experience in the Department of Natural Resources Science. As you develop a core body of knowledge of natural resources science, you’ll connect with experiential learning opportunities that include internships, research apprenticeships, and teaching practicums over the course of the four-year curriculum. These opportunities offer experience in environmental research and help you synthesize your classroom knowledge to address real-world challenges. They also offer a window into natural resources professions and provide valuable contacts with potential employers.

Hands-on Learning


Graduate programs

The M.S. and Ph.D. in Natural Resources Science are interdisciplinary, interdepartmental graduate degrees that involve faculty from a diverse set of departments in URI’s College of the Environment and Life Sciences.

Graduate certificate programs

Online graduate certificate programs