Ingrid Lofgren


Lipid Metabolism Lab

Courses Taught

  • AVS/NUT/SAFS 404/504: Food Systems Sustainability, and Health
  • NUT 440: Macronutrient Metabolism
  • NUT 554: Nutrient Metabolism II


Dietary intake greatly impacts one’s health status and risk of chronic disease. With Dr. Lofgren’s research, she hopes to decrease the number of persons with risk factors for heart disease and eventually reduce the public burden of heart disease through dietary changes. Her Lipid Lab does research with persons across the lifecycle and with persons who are healthy and those with neurodegenerative conditions. The lab uses established and emerging methods to assess risk and to develop interventions that can reduce the identified risk.

Ingrid Lofgren Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Lofgren is a Professor in the Department of Nutrition. Before starting at URI in 2007, she was a lecturer and researcher at the University of New Hampshire for three years. She finished her Ph.D. in 2004 at the University of Connecticut working with Dr. Maria Luz Fernandez studying lipid metabolism. She received her Master’s of Public Health in 2000 from the University of Massachusetts. She became a registered dietitian in the fall of 1995 soon after receiving her Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics from the University of Connecticut in the spring of 1995.


Dr. Lofgren’s research areas are lipid and lipoprotein metabolism, dietary and nutritional assessment, and chronic disease risk reduction. The Lipid Lab also participates in research that looks to new models to improve science communication.


  • PhD, Nutrition, University of Connecticut, 2004
  • Certificate Program in Italian Cooking, 2001
  • MPH, (Master of Public Health), University of Massachusetts, 2000
  • Registered Dietitian (RD), 1995
  • BS, Dietetics, University of Connecticut, 1995

Selected Publications

Paulin C, Lofgren IE, Pivarnik L. 2017. An Assessment of Consumer Food Safety Handling Practices around Produce at Grocery Stores in Rhode Island. Food Protection Trends. 37(2):99-106.

MacNab LR, Francis SL, Lofgren IE, Violette C, Shelley MC, Delmonico MJ, Xu F. Factors influencing dietary intake frequencies and nutritional risk among community-residing older adults. Journal of Nutrition in Gerontology and Geriatrics, In Press, 2016.

Arts J, Greene GW, English C, Lofgren IE. 2016. A Nutrition Intervention to Increase Whole Grain Intake in College Students. Topics in Clinical Nutrition. 31(3):222-231.

LoBuono D, Taetzsch AG, Lofgren IE, Xu F, Delmonico MJ, Mahler L. 2016. Cognitive Status and Cardio-Metabolic Risk of Patients with Acquired Brain Injury and Parkinson’s Disease. Disability and Health Journal. 9(1):134-139.

Taetzsch A, Quintanilla D, Maris S, Letendre J, Mahler L, Xu F, Delmonico MJ, Lofgren IE. 2015. Impact on Diet Quality and Resilience in Urban Community Dwelling Obese Women with a Nutrition and Physical Activity Intervention. Journal of Aging Research and Clinical Practice. 4(2):102-108