Medication Outcomes Graduate Certificate (Online)

URI’s unique four course, 12-credit Medication Outcome Graduate Certificate program offered through URI’s College of Pharmacy provides a flexible option for professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge in the area of medication outcomes.


PHP 529 Introduction to Health Outcomes

This course introduces students to the principles and roles of Medication Outcomes
evaluation. Students will develop the skills needed to identify and measure the
relationship between medication therapies and the outcomes that occur in real-world
environments. Students will learn how to collect and organize data and apply
foundational methods and statistical approaches.

PHP 559 Essential Methods of Pharmacoepidemiology

This course will instruct students in the use of pharmacoepidemiologic methods for evaluating the safety and effectiveness of medication use in populations.

PREREQUISITES: PHP 529 Introduction to Health Outcomes

PHP 589 Essential Methods of Pharmacoeconomics

This course provides students with the skills necessary to understand and conduct pharmacoeconomic analyses to improve medication outcomes in health systems. Designed for professional students seeking to advance their skills in evaluating the impacts of drug therapies in managed care and “accountable” environments, this course equips students with foundational knowledge of payment dynamics and strategies, drug utilization management tactics, methods for determining impact on payer budgets, and approaches for quantifying long-term value of investments in pharmacotherapy. Emphasis is placed on applications involving current challenges in optimizing medication use.

PREREQUISITES: PHP 529 Introduction to Health Outcomes

PHP 649 Applications of Medication Outcomes Evaluation

In this culminating course, students will apply and extend competencies gained in the prior courses of this program by conducting a medication outcomes evaluation using healthcare claims data. Each week introduces new data analysis and visualization tasks, successively building to a finalized project to be presented to classmates.



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