Records Requests

Criminal Records/Accident Reports

The University of Rhode Island Police Department is committed to providing public records in an expeditious and courteous manner pursuant to the Access to Public Records Act. Please read our Public Records Request Guidelines for further information. The URI Police Department maintains a daily log of all calls made to the Department of Public Safety.  These calls are classified based upon the information gathered during the initial response.  That classification is subject to change upon further investigation.

The public is able to view the Press Log at our police station at 85 Briar Lane, Kingston, R.I.  For additional information regarding a certain call, please fill out a Records Request Form, available below or at 85 Briar Lane.  Please refer to the Call Number or the date, time and classification of the call.  Accident reports and Incident reports are also available through the same process.

Educational Student Record Checks

Student Conduct Record 

If you are looking for a student conduct record check, please click here to request the student conduct record from the Office of Community Standards. The student conduct record will indicate if a student has been found responsible for any instances in violating the URI Student Handbook. This is different from their academic record and/or any official police records. Third party requests  must also include a signed release form through the request form.  

Academic Record Check/ Degree Verification

Student academic records or a student transcript displays the course students have  completed, degrees earned as well as their GPA. Students and Alumni can request their official transcript. Degree Verification by third parties is also managed through Enrollment Services see directions on how to verify a student’s degree.