Expand Your Worldview

A complex maze of challenges faces our world today, and most of the problems—economic, environmental, social, or health-related, just to name a few—are interconnected. Although many of the scientific, financial, and technical solutions to these problems already exist, the barriers to fixing them are often political.

Studying political science opens up the whole world to you, giving you the tools you need to understand—and move—those barriers, and effect real change in the world.

Why Political Science at URI?

Study With Top Scholars

Our faculty are winners of prestigious teaching awards and leading researchers in areas ranging from post-Cold War Russian relations and technology’s impact on political campaigns to the role of emotions in decision making. Just imagine what they can teach you.

Prep For Grad School

Political science continues to be the most popular major for students pursuing a degree in law, and we offer a customized pre-law program if that’s your path. Our curriculum focuses on building advanced research skills, giving you a big advantage with grad programs and employers.

Beef Up Your Resume

Unlike most majors, experiential learning is a required part of our undergraduate curriculum. We also offer a number of internships—and if international politics is your thing, we strongly encourage you to study abroad, with our spring semester in Cuba as just one of your many options.