Marc Hutchison


Marc Hutchison joined the URI political science department in 2007. While generally interested in the causes and consequences of international conflict, his research focuses primarily on the relationship between state-level threats and domestic attitudes and behavior, such as political tolerance, trust, and participation. Other research interests include territorial conflict, terrorism, civil conflict, and state development. In his work, he examines international and state-level influences on individual-level political attitudes and behavior. His research has been published in the American Political Science Review, the Journal of Politics, the Journal of Conflict Resolution, Comparative Political Studies, and the Journal of Peace Research among othersProfessor Hutchison’s interest in political trust led to research in public health that examines attitudinal barriers to vaccines across disparate populations and how to overcome them.

Professor Hutchison teaches undergraduate courses on International Politics, American Foreign Policy, and International Conflict as well as graduate seminars on International Relations, International Conflict, Political Violence, and Conflict Resolution. In 2018, he received two university-wide teaching awards:  the URI Foundation Teaching Excellence Award and the Excellence in General Education Award.  He also serves as the Director of the John Hazen White Sr. Center for Ethics and Public Service.


Domestic consequences of international conflict, comparative political behavior, territorial and civil conflict, terrorism, state development, sub-Saharan Africa, Israel, and vaccine attitudes.


  • Ph.D., Political Science, University of Kentucky
  • M.A., Political Science, University of Kentucky
  • B.A., Political Science and History, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Selected Publications

2023. “Left-Right Social Identity and the Polarization of Political Tolerance.” Political Research Quarterly. (with Mark Peffley and Omer Yair)

2022. “Terrorism and Political Tolerance Toward “Fellow Travelers”. Journal of Conflict Resolution 66(7-8): 1208-1234. (with Mark Peffley and Michal Shamir)

2020. “Science-based Communication to Decrease Disparities in Adult Pneumococcal Vaccination Rates.” Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 60(6): 861-867. (with Brian S. Krueger, K. Kelly Orr, Jennifer DeAngelis, Aisling R. Caffrey, Emily Bodo, and Kerry L. LaPlante)

2017. “Political Trust in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Arab Region.” In Handbook on Political Trust, eds., Sonja Zmerli and Tom van der Meer, 461-487. London: Edward Elgar Publishing. (with Kristin Johnson)

2015. “The Impact of Persistent Terrorism on Political Tolerance: Israel, 1980 to 2011.” American Political Science Review 109(4):  817-832. (with Mark Peffley and Michal Shamir)

2014. “Tolerating Threat? The Independent Effects of Civil Conflict on Domestic Political Tolerance.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 58(5): 797-825.

2011 . “Capacity to Trust? Political Capacity, Conflict, and Political Trust in Africa, 2000-2005.” Journal of Peace Research 48(6): 737-752. (with Kristin Johnson)

2007. “Political Tolerance and Territorial Threat: A Cross-National Study.” Journal of Politics 69(1): 128-142. (with Douglas M. Gibler)

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