[Research Sponsors]

[Current Projects]

  • Title: Real-time Simulator and Educational Laboratory for Advanced Electric Transportation Technologies, 2024, Champlin Foundation (Primary-PI).

  • Title: Toward High Reliability: Novel Power Conversion System and Power Management Control for Water Monitoring Stations, 2024-2025, USGS (Sole-PI).

  • [Research Interests]

    High-Performance Power Electronics

    • High-Efficiency Server Power Supplies
    • High-Frequency Power Converter

    Renewable Energy & Grid

    • Hybrid Power Converter Systems

    Future Electric Ground/Aerial Vehicles

    • On-Board-Charger for Electric Vehicles
    • Drone Longevity
    • Wireless Power Transfer Systems
    • Battery at Subzero

    Design Automation Tool

    • AI-aided Design Automation Tool
    • Machin Learning-Based Design Optimization

    Various Fuel Cell Applications

    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) employing PEM Fuel Cell
    • Power Grid

    [Research Facilities of URI Power Electronics Lab – FCAE 430]

       The Fascitelli Center for Advanced Engineering

       DC/DC Power Conversion Testbed

       AC/DC Power Conversion Testbed

       Workstation Stage for Simulation