Chair/Dean/Committee Reviewing Sabbatical Leave

All sabbatical leave applications are now processed through Interfolio, the same platform the University uses for the annual review/promotion and tenure process. Once a faculty member has initiated the Sabbatical Leave Application process, their respective Department Chair and College Dean will be contacted, notifying them of such. When a faculty member has completed their sabbatical leave application, the Department Chair will be notified via an email from Interfolio, and they can then access their faculty member’s sabbatical leave application packet.


September 8 – All (non-departmentalized) faculty must submit their application to their Chair
September 15 – All Chairs must submit their review to their Dean
October 15 – All Dean’s must submit their review to the Sabbatical Review Committee
November 15 – Committee must submit their reviews to the Provost’s Office


Faculty Workshop PowerPoint
Faculty Training – Review, Promotion & Tenure Video
USER GUIDE – Candidate’s Guide to Interfolio Review, Promotion and Tenure Module


Please upload a letter (can be Word document) directly to the appropriate section (Chair’s upload to Chair Evaluation, Dean’s upload to Dean Evaluation). If necessary please provide Chair Sabbatical Replacement Plan or Dean’s Operational Denial.