Ram Hacks Elections

The Election Process

As is the case with many student-run organizations at URI, Ram Hacks holds admin elections annually to keep the faces and ideas behind the group fresh! Generally, elections are announced mid-way through the spring semester of each academic year, taking place shortly after. This allows the previous admin to work with the members of the admin-elect to ensure a smooth transition of leadership.

Anyone who is apart of Ram Hacks is permitted to run for an admin role, including the current admin. The candidates for each role are collected in the time between the announcement of elections and elections themselves. During this period of time, there is no commitment to staying in the running, however, it is assumed that if you confirm your candidacy when later asked, you are certain you’ll be able to assume the role if elected.

The Admin Roles

The Ram Hacks admin is made up of 5 key roles, each with their own importance and responsibilities. These roles (listed below) should be committed to ensuring Ram Hacks provides the best experience possible for its members.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Outreach Officer

2023 Election Results

Ram Hacks would like to welcome the new 2023 – 2024 admin members…

  • President: Matt H.
  • Vice President: Nick T.
  • Secretary: Nick R.
  • Treasurer: Nick M.
  • Outreach Officer: Ben T.

Congratulations to you all and farewell to our awesome 2022 – 2023 admin. Don’t be strangers!