Local Research Administration

Local Research Administration (LRA) provides support within the schools and centers at URI.

Local Research Administrators (LRAs) provide pre-and post-award support to investigators who engage in sponsored activities related to research, teaching, and service. They are located at Colleges and Centers to provide hands-on active day-to-day support.

While duties of LRAs may differ from College to College, generally, their responsibilities include:

  • Facilitate investigator engagement with all research support offices
  • Acting as point of contact with Central Administration in pre- and post-award matters
  • Managing proposal preparation
  • Assisting the PI in fiscal management of their research portfolio (hard and soft money)
  • Promoting compliance with sponsor and URI policies.

For “Who Does What” in each phase of the research project lifecycle, please see the Roles and Responsibilities Matrix.

Research Administration at the Schools and Centers

College/Center/Department Local Research Administration Contacts
College of Arts and Sciences Susie Lachapelle
Coord, CAS Research & Outreach
Email: Susie.lachapelle@uri.edu
Tel: 401-874-5027
Carol Vetter
Specialist, Grants & Contracts
Email: carol.vetter@uri.edu
Tel: 401-874-5813
Melissa DeJoseph
Specialist, Grants & Contracts
Email: mdejoseph@uri.edu
Tel: 401-874-5910
A&S Business Manager – Catherine Robinson
Chemistry – Cindy Sorlien
Physics – Amy Harrington
Computer Sciences – Beth Larimer
History – Leslie Dancy
Communication Studies – Sandra Baker (https://harrington.uri.edu/meet/sandra-baker/)
Journalism – Cassandra O’Brien (https://harrington.uri.edu/meet/cassandra-obrien/)
Languages – Chinese Flagship Program – Hu-Hsin Lee
Coordinator Email:yuhsin_lee@uri.edu Office Location: Swan Hall 177
College of Business vacant
Mgr, Business/CBA
Tel: 401-874-4970
Alan Shawn Feinstein College of Education and Professional Studies Diana Laferriere
Tel: 401-277-5077
College of Engineering Jennifer Carey (Pre-Award)
Coord, COE/Research & Outreach
Email: Jennifer_carey@uri.edu
Tel: 401-874-5990
Dee Cook
SRGA, Post-Award
(Post-Award for the following Depts: 2300,2301,2302,2303, 2308 and IEP)
Email: dcook@uri.edu
Tel: 401-874-5419
Tom Harkness
SRGA, Pre-Award
Tel: 401-874-9519
Nicole (Nikki) Larkin
(Post-Award for Dept: 2306)
Email: Nicole.larkin@uri.edu
Jennifer (Jenna) Cragan
(Post-Award for NIUVT)
Email: j_cragan@uri.edu
Rachel Dahl
(Post-Award for NIUVT)
College of Environment and Life Sciences Kathleen Gray 
Specialist, Grants and Contracts (Pre-Award)
Email: Kathleen.gray@uri.edu
Tel: 401-874-5632
Jane Karako
Specialist, Grants and Contracts (Pre-Award)
Email: jane_karako@uri.edu
Tel: 401-874-5632
Lois Carnevalla
Specialist, Grants and Contracts (Post Award)
Email: Lois_carnevalla@uri.edu
Tel: 401-874-2471
Toni Fogleman
Senior Scientific Research Grant Assistant
Email: toni.carreirofoglema@uri.edu
Tel: 401-874-4262
Cherie Conover
Mgr, Business CELS Research Op
Email: Cherie_conover@uri.edu
Tel: 401-874-2201
College of Health Sciences Kimberly Nelson-Cartier
CHS Business Manager
Tel: 401-874-2126
Karen Frost (Post-Award)
Email: karenfrost@uri.edu
Tel: 401-874-4224
Faith Helm (Gerontology)
Email: flees@uri.edu
Tel: 401-874-5332
Kathy Meier (CHS Pre-Award and contract processing)
Email: kmeier@uri.edu
Tel: 401-874-2985
Terri-Lyn Hodson (IIHI Post-Award)
Email: thodson@uri.edu
Tel: 401-874-2205
Megan Garretson Lane (CHS Post-Award)
Email: megan_lane@uri.edu
Tel: 401-874-9055
Institute for Integrated Health and Innovation (IIHI)
Refer to: https://web.uri.edu/ahc/health-institute/health-institute-proposal-form/
College of Nursing Kerri Maurice (Post-Award)
Email: kmaurice@uri.edu
Suzy Winchester-Barcelos (Denise Coppa)
Email: suzy_winchester@uri.edu
Tel: 401-277-5193
College of Pharmacy Sara Mitkowski
Business Manager
Tel: 401-874-2734
Laura Bellavia (INBRE award)
Tel: 401-874-9382
George and Ann Ryan Institute for Neuroscience Terry Greywolf (Business Manager)
Tel: 401-874-5008
Graduate School of Oceanography GSO Research Administration and Support