Office of Sponsored Projects:
Award Setup

Once the University receives the official award notification from a sponsor the award set up process will begin.

  • The pre-award staff will upload the award notification to InfoEd and update the status to “Award Notice Received.”
  • The pre-award staff will review the awarded budget to confirm that awarded and the proposed budgets match. If the budgets do not match, pre-award staff will request a revised budget from the PI (and delegate). In cases where significant revisions are necessary, pre-award staff will provide a standard budget template (templates are available for 1, 3 and 5 year budgets with and without match).  Revised budgets must be provided on the template.
  • Once the budget has been confirmed, the proposal will move to “Post Award Review” status in InfoEd where the post-award staff reviews the terms and conditions of the award.
  • Next the award will be sent to the appropriate post-award specialist to set up the award in PeopleSoft. The status in InfoEd at this stage is “Post-Award Processing.”
  • Post-award staff confirm the budget matches the award document and ensure that the appropriate F&A rate (i.e., rate from approval NICRA) is utilized. 
  • Once the award setup is completed in PeopleSoft, the PI and fiscal support staff will receive an email from InfoEd. This email includes an overview of the award and the related chartfield string(s) (CFS) to the new award. The PI and department are responsible for verifying the CFS is consistent with the award documentation.  Post-award staff should be notified if corrections need to be made to ensure all activity will be charged properly and accurately. Once the award is set up in PeopleSoft, the InfoEd status is “Post Award Processing Complete.”
  • Signature Authorization form is required for every CFS that is created. This form designates all authorized approvers for the project.
  • Spending can begin on an award once the signature authorization form is completed with all appropriate signatures and processed in PeopleSoft.
  • InfoEd emails will be generated for all further actions on current awards as they are received, such as time extensions, additional funding, supplements, change in terms and conditions from sponsors, etc.