Workforce Development and Training Program

Rhode Island INBRE Workforce Development and Training Program

In 2023, RI-INBRE contracted with the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training (RI-DLT) to create and implement an intensive, hands-on biomedical skills Workforce Development and Training (WDT) program that capitalizes on our expertise in training summer undergraduate research students in our well-equipped and well-maintained RI-INBRE Centralized Research Core Facility (CRCF).

Our WDT program aims to provide trainees with biomedical skills that are valuable to the biotechnology industry. Training in the theory and practice of operating advanced biomedical research instrumentation will make these trainees preferred new hires for chemical and biotechnology companies once they graduate and pursue biotechnology jobs. 

RI-INBRE held its first Workforce Development and Training (WDT) program from June-August 2023.  Expert faculty and staff members designed and conducted intensive 2.5-day (Monday-Wednesday and Wednesday-Friday) training modules for small groups of 4-8 trainees. This allowed instructors to provide significant individual attention for each participant. These short course modules were offered free of charge and provided instruction on the theory and practice of operating molecular and cellular analysis equipment as well as training in scientific methods and data analysis. Participants who completed a training module earned a RI-INBRE-branded WDT certificate.

Please click on the tiles below for more information about the modules that were available during the Summer 2023 session. 

Remember to check back soon for the Summer 2024 session module offerings and to find out how to participate in the Summer 2024 training program.


Summer 2023 Schedule

Photos – Summer 2023 Session