Celia Gelfman

I am a research assistant helping with several projects. My tasks range from growing Antarctic phytoplankton cultures to preparing field samples for sequencing, lots of filtering, DNA extraction, PCRs and some microscopy too. Working in the Rynearson Lab has been my introduction to phytoplankton (aside from pushing them out of the way in zooplankton samples) while continuing my interest in population studies. I also work in a zooplankton lab at GSO, studying copepod and krill populations in the Arctic, with Dr. Robert Campbell.

Previous positions have included: working with Dr. Judy Grassle on the global polychaete worm sibling species complex, Capitella, deep sea benthic invertebrates and Arabian Sea copepods, including the population dynamics of Lucicutia grandis with Dr. Karen Wishner, and a brief flirtation with neurobiology and the agrin molecule with Dr. Justin Fallon.