8/5/2022 – SURFO Summer!

This summer, the Rynearson Lab welcomed two undergraduates to partake in summer research.

Maggie Rettig attends Bowling Green University and analyzed sequences of the parasitic dinoflagellate, Syndiniales, to better characterize its diversity and presence in the Pacific Ocean as part of the EXPORTS program. She was mentored by graduate student, Erin Jones.

Emily Dunn, a rising senior at Pittsburgh University, grew several diatom cultures for the purpose of a methods comparison. The goal of the project was to compare cellular abundance using DNA sequencing, cell counts, chlorophyll a concentration, and particulate carbon and nitrogen. She was mentored by PhD student, Sam Setta.

6/14/21 – Welcome SURFO’s!

The Rynearson Lab welcomed Kaelyn Tyler, an undergraduate at the College of Coastal Georgia, to aid in research with the Narragansett Bay Long-Term Plankton Time Series. The SURFO program is a 10-week research internship funded by the National Science Foundation. Kaelyn was mentored by Professor Rynearson and postdoc, Tricia Thibodeau.

Kaelyn and Tricia sampling in Narragansett Bay
Kaelyn sampling the plankton time series