Diana Fontaine

During her Ph.D., Diana used field, lab, and bioinformatic approaches to study phytoplankton diversity and productivity as part of the Northeast U.S. Shelf Long-Term Ecological Research and Narragansett Bay Long-Term Plankton Time Series programs. Outside of her research, Diana participated in various science communication efforts. She served as Editor-in-Chief for the Oceanbites blog, taught lessons through GSO's Ocean Classroom program, and wrote press releases for GSO's Office of Public Engagement. Prior to her time in the Rynearson Lab, she spent two years as a plankton analyst at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center studying phytoplankton in ballast water of cargo ships, and this work took her to ports all over the world! Diana received her B.A. in Marine Science from the University of San Diego in 2016 and is now a postdoctoral fellow working on a NOAA-funded marine carbon dioxide removal project with Drs. Hongjie Wang and Jaime Palter here at GSO, and Dr. Jason Grear at the EPA next door.