James Houghton

  • Ph.D. Student in Industrial & Systems Engineering


Hello, my name is James Houghton and I am from Long Island, New York. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering in May 2017. My passion for Industrial and Systems engineering really began to grow as I learned more about Simulation, Operations Research, and Optimization. I returned to the University of Rhode Island in Spring 2018 to pursue a Master’s degree in Systems engineering and to work with Dr. Macht on the RI VOTES project. I am excited to work on this project because it gives me the opportunity to further develop my technical skills while also contributing to my community.


MS in Systems Engineering, University of Rhode Island, 2019

BS in Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Rhode Island, 2017

Selected Publications

Houghton, J. (2019). Estimation of Voter ARrival Rates Using Electronic Poll Book Transaction Logs. The University of Rhode Island. Master’s Thesis.

Houghton, J.Bernardo, N., & Macht, G. A.(2019). Data Visualization and Voter Arrival Behavior Analytics. Proceedings of the 2019 Election Sciences, Reform, & Administration Conference (ESRA) Annual Conference: Polling Places, Philadelphia, PA, July 10-12.