Roxana Voss

  • MS in Systems Engineering
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Phone: Graduated: August 2018
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Hi, I am Roxana Voss, a graduate student from Germany. Currently, I am part of the Dual Degree Master program of the University of Rhode Island and the University of Technology Braunschweig in the field Industrial and Systems Engineering & Mechanical Engineering, respectively. I got my Bachelor of Engineering in the major Material and Product Development at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. Right now I am working on my master thesis in the charging behavior of electric vehicles. The research seeks to understand the data of existing charging stations for EVs through statistical methods to provide empirical models of charging behavior.

Award: IISE Sustainable Development Division – Best Student Paper Competition – 3rd Place.


MS in Systems Engineering, University of Rhode Island, 2018

BEng in Materials & Product Development, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2015

Selected Publications

Voss, R. (2018). Electric Vehicle Charging Behavior in Existing Infrastructures: A Rhode Island Case Study. The University of Rhode Island. Master’s Thesis.

Voss, R. & Macht, G. A. (2018). EV Charging Behavior in Existing Infrastructures: A Case Study. Proceedings of the 2018 Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering (IISE) Annual Conference: Sustainable Development, Orlando, FL, May 19-22. (Technical Presentation)