Family Science Nights are open-house style district-wide events that are held each Fall that are open to family, friends, and general community.

Clubs from all grade levels in the district come together with family and friends to enjoy a pot-luck dinner. The students then have the opportunity to show off their projects. Often times, the attendees will have the chance to try their hand at some of the very same projects the students have completed in their club meetings. 

2023 Family Science Night Dates

WoonsocketWoonsocket HS CafeteriaNov 9, 2023
NewportPell CafeteriaNov 20, 2023
WesterlyWesterly MS CafeteriaDec 5, 2023
Central Falls Calcutt MSDec 12, 2023
West WarwickDeering MS CafeteriaDec 13, 2023
South KingstownSK HS CafeteriaDec 14, 2023