March 28: Communicating Science in a Crisis

Thursday, March 28th, 3:30PM-4:30PM
GSO, Coastal Institute Auditorium and via livestream

Speaker: Chris Reddy, Senior Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) 

One of the world’s foremost oil spill scientists, GSO alum Chris Reddy, Ph.D. ‘98, is coming to the URI Bay Campus to discuss communicating science in a crisis. His recent book, Science Communication in a Crisis: An Insider’s Guide, was created from Reddy’s commitment to make the science behind his work accessible and meaningful to the public.

From a young researcher eager to share his knowledge to a seasoned scientist sought out for his expertise and communication skills, Reddy shares lessons learned on the front lines of oil spills and other marine disasters — lessons that have application for scientists in all fields who wish to communicate effectively in times of crisis, as well as for journalists, industry professionals, and public servants whose work involves clear, informed crisis communication.

Bio: Chris Reddy has responded to numerous oil spills and other environmental crises over his 25-year career. His book identifies the principal challenges scientists face during an environmental disaster when communicating with different stakeholder groups and offers advice on navigating the maze of competing interests and delivering actionable science when the clock is ticking.

Chris is also a faculty member of the MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography and Engineering and has been a Ph.D. committee member for numerous EAPS and CEE graduate students. He has published over 220 peer-reviewed manuscripts and holds 12 U.S. Patents. Chris has testified before the U.S. Congress five times, written more than 30 opinion pieces, and given hundreds of interviews for print, radio, and television. Reddy’s scientific discoveries are heavily recognized by the American Chemical Society’s Grady-Stack Award, the AGU Ambassador Award, the Clair C. Patterson Award, and the Aldo Leopold Fellowship.

Reddy is a proud graduate of Rhode Island’s public education system from kindergarten through graduate school, earning a B.S. in chemistry from Rhode Island College and Ph.D. in oceanography from the Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island.

This event is hosted by URI Graduate School of Oceanography, STEEP Superfund Research Program, and the Coastal Institute