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  • STEEP Collaborates with RI Dept. of Environmental Management - The State of Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) Statewide PFAS Source Investigation Report, recently drafted, features a collaboration with former STEEP trainee, Matt Dunn (University of Rhode Island), around statewide PFAS source investigation, and how the data is being used to… ...Read more
  • STEEP’s Izak Hill: Two Kinds of Fish Influencer - If you’ve been on social media recently you’ve likely heard the term “influencer” to describe popular content creators. Izak Hill, MS, is currently a STEEP trainee and University of Rhode Island (URI) doctoral student under the supervision of STEEP Director Rainer Lohmann,… ...Read more
  • Bound and Unbound: Seeking to Understand PFAS in the Bloodstream - PFAS binds to blood serum proteins and impacts protein accumulation, circulatory distribution, and elimination. The unbound portion of PFAS, untouchable by biomolecules, can be transported to organs and recirculated in the bloodstream, and therefore more likely to elicit toxic effects. In a recent study, STEEP researchers investigated… ...Read more
  • Liddie Launches PFAS Statewide Sampling Interactive Map - In 2023, STEEP Trainee and PhD candidate Jahred Liddie (Harvard University) developed and launched the PFAS Statewide Sampling Interactive Map. Created as an extension of Liddie et al., 2023, the map compiles data from 24 statewide monitoring campaigns of approximately 9,900 community water systems from 2016 to 2023, capturing PFAS… ...Read more
98%Americans with PFAS in blood
>2,200US PFAS-contaminated sites
>110 millionAmericans with contaminated drinking water supplies
50% decreaseof PFOS and PFOA in blood with water filtration