Liddie Launches PFAS Statewide Sampling Interactive Map

In 2023, STEEP Trainee and PhD candidate Jahred Liddie (Harvard University) developed and launched the PFAS Statewide Sampling Interactive Map. Created as an extension of Liddie et al., 2023, the map compiles data from 24 statewide monitoring campaigns of approximately 9,900 community water systems from 2016 to 2023, capturing PFAS drinking water data, county-level sociodemographic factors, and data on PFAS contamination sources. Municipalities, researchers, and NGOs have accessed and used this data for targeted analyses. Development assisted by Elsie Sunderland, PhD at Harvard University (STEEP Lead, Project One: Exposure) and Laurel Schaider, PhD at Silent Spring Institute (STEEP Co-Lead, Community Engagement Core). A follow-up webinar discussed the research in greater detail.