STEEP Shares Key Finding of Private Well Study at Science Day

STEEP’s Science Day 2019 featured presentations and Q&A with researchers and trainees, the Superintendent of the Hyannis Water System, and staff from Joint Base Cape Cod. Material from the event including a summary of findings, presentations, and video recordings can be found below.

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Preliminary Findings from STEEP’s Private Well Study on Cape Cod

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STEEP Overview (Sources, Transport, Exposure and Effects of PFAS)
Rainer Lohmann, University of Rhode Island 

PFAS Chemicals in Cape Cod Drinking Water: Preliminary Findings of STEEP Private Wells Study
Laurel Schaider, Silent Spring Institute 
Alyson McCann, University of Rhode Island 

How Do PFAS Cause Disease?
Alicia Crisalli, University of Rhode Island

Ongoing PFAS Research in the Cape Cod Region 
Heidi Pickard, Bridger Ruyle, Andrea Tokranov, Denis LeBlanc, Larry Barber, Chad Vecitis, & Elsie Sunderland, Harvard University 

Lab Tools to Study Emerging PFAS: What We Can Learn from Human Hepatocytes 
Angela Slitt, University of Rhode Island  

PFAS Accumulation and Elimination in Humans
Carmen Messerlian, Harvard T.C. Chan School of Public Health 

Watch the Video Recordings

via Barnstable Channel 18

Barnstable Town Hall Public Meeting

Barnstable Town Hall Special Session for Local High School Students