STEEP trainee Bridger Ruyle receives K.C. Donnelly Externship Award to study PFAS from aqueous film-forming foams in mice with National Toxicology Program scientist

Bridger Ruyle is a 2021 awardee of the K.C. Donnelly Externship Award Supplement. The award was established by the Superfund Research Program of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) in memory of K.C. Donnelly, an environmental health researcher and dedicated mentor to students. During his externship Bridger will be working with Suzanne Fenton, Ph.D., at the National Toxicology Program Laboratory. Bridger’s doctoral research focuses on the biogeochemistry of PFAS from aqueous film-forming foams (AFFFs) on Cape Cod, MA. His externship will involve investigating the disposition of 6:2 FTSA and PFAS in contemporary AFFFs in exposed mice, as well as any associated health effects. Bridger said this will “provide critical public health context to my research and diverse skills and models that I can use as an early career scientist,” as well as giving him an opportunity to study the biological side of exposure science.