URI Coastal Institute hosts lecture by STEEP researcher, Dr. Pál Weihe

The Coastal Institute has selected Dr. Pál Weihe as the invited guest for the 7th Annual Scott W. Nixon Lecture, to be held Thursday, April 11th at 3:30 PM at URI’s Graduate School of Oceanography. Dr. Weihe is head of the Department of Occupational Medicine and Public Health in the Faroe Islands, and is deeply committed to serving his community through the provision of medical care and devotion to his work on minimizing community exposures to marine contaminants.

Specifically, Dr. Weihe has overseen the examinations of over 3,000 Faroe Islanders of five prospective studies of birth cohorts exposed to marine contaminants associated with neurotoxicity, growth and development, immunotoxicity, and endocrine disruption, including PFAS. Dr. Weihe works with local Faroese communities to enact behavior changes—particularly around their tradition of consuming pilot whale meat—in order to reduce their overall PFAS exposure.

Dr. Weihe is clinical lead for Project 2 of the STEEP project, which involves nearly 500 children age 8 and carried out in his community of the Faroe Islands.

7th Annual Scott W. Nixon Lecture
Thursday, April 11th at 3:30 PM
Coastal Institute Auditorium
URI Narragansett Bay Campus

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