In all cases, the survivor of an assault will decide if, how, and when they will report the assault.

When you make a report to any University of Rhode Island resources–Counseling Center, Health Services, URI Police, Housing and Residential Life, Student Life, Student Conduct or the Title IX Coordinator –you have the right to expect that they will:

  • listen to you attentively and supportively,
  • review all support resources available to you and assist you with contacting the resources,
  • review all possible options with you for reporting or filing a complaint,
  • answer your questions.

Alcohol or drugs

If the survivor of an assault is under the influence of alcohol or drugs at either the time of the incident or at the time of the report, they will not be charged with an alcohol or drug violation either through the criminal or University conduct process.

Reporting contacts

Dean of Student Life: 401.874.2101
URI Housing and Residential Life: 401.874.4151
URI Health Services: 401.874.2246
Title IX Coordinator, Emily Douglas: 401.874.5780 or

Confidential reporting

URI Counseling Center: 401.874.2288
Violence Prevention and Advocacy Services: 401.874.9131



Contact Public Safety (non-emergency)


Reporting to the URI Police

Individuals are encouraged to contact the URI Police Department when a sex offense occurs regardless of whether or not formal charges will be pursued by the survivor. If reported to the URI Police Department, the survivor will be encouraged to seek medical assistance at a local hospital. In order to preserve evidence, clothes should not be laundered and the survivor should not bathe. The survivor’s clothing should not be placed in a bag/container that is plastic. The survivor will also be informed of support services available and options for making a formal complaint through the criminal process and/or through the university conduct process.

Reporting to the Dean of Students or Student Conduct Office

A complaint with the University’s conduct process may be filed with either a staff member from the Office of Housing and Residential Life or with Student Conduct in the Student Life Office. A staff member from either office will review possible types of hearings and potential outcomes with the person filing the complaint. The University’s conduct process allows both the accuser and the accused to question one another via a conduct board advisor, to present witnesses, to have an advisor present during the proceedings, and to be informed of the outcome. The standard of proof shall be the preponderance of the evidence. For more specific information on the conduct process, call 401.874.2101.

Reporting to Housing and Residential Life

An incident may be reported to any Housing and Residential Life (HRL) staff member. Residents may feel more comfortable talking with a hall staff member with whom they are familiar, such as an RA, RAM, or hall director. Hall staff can refer students to campus resources. Housing staff are obligated to report incidents to their supervisor.