Transfer Credit Information for Current URI Students

If you are a current URI student and wish to take courses at another institution and receive transfer credit, you may use one of the following options to determine the course equivalency. There is no guarantee courses will transfer, so it is important you either take pre-approved courses or apply for prior approval before registering for the course. You are also encouraged to speak with your academic or faculty advisor before taking courses outside URI.

Step 1: Check to see if the course is pre-approved
Check the Transfer Evaluation System (TES) to see if the course you want to take has already been evaluated to transfer – start by searching for the school in the database.

Step 2: Apply for approval
If the course you want to take is not listed in TES, you must submit a Prior Approval Form and follow the directions indicated on the form.  

Once you have completed the course you would like to transfer to URI, you must have that institution send an official transcript to URI.

Your transcript will be evaluated within 21 days after it’s received.  Students need to earn a grade of “C” or better in order for a class to be considered for transfer (grades of “C-” and below do not transfer).  Grades earned at another institution will not be posted on your URI transcript or included in your GPA at URI.  Your transfer courses will appear on your transcript with a “T” to indicate the course was transferred in. 

Transferring from URI to Another Institution

If you are considering transferring out of URI and need to submit an official transcript (for an undergraduate or graduate program), please visit the Enrollment Services website for instructions.

If the institution you are applying to requires completion of the Common Application Transfer Registrar Report, please email for more information.

Students planning to transfer to another undergraduate institution should submit a withdrawal form once they make their final decision.