Transfer Credits

Current URI Students

If you’re a URI student looking to take courses elsewhere and transfer the credit to URI, or if you’re considering transferring out of URI, please review this important information first.

Incoming Transfer Students

In order to post transfer credits from your prior institution(s),we must receive your official transcripts. Please remind your prior institutions to send all final transcripts to URI. The best way for us to receive and post your transfer credits is to send an official electronic transcript. These electronic transcripts should be sent to Paper transcripts should be sent to: Undergraduate Admission, 14 Upper College Road, Kingston, RI, 02881.

Courses Approved for Transfer

Students need to earn a grade of “C” or better in order for a class to be considered for transfer (grades of “C-” and below do not transfer). If a course was already evaluated by a department, the URI course equivalent will be listed in the Transfer Evaluation System (TES). Search for your prior school in the database to see all of the courses previously approved for transfer.

Note: If the course you took is not listed in TES, it does not mean it won’t be accepted. It just means that we will need to have our faculty evaluate the course to determine its URI equivalent.

Contacts for Transfer Credit Posting

Each College posts transfer credits for their students. Find your contact here.

Access Your Transfer Credit Report

Transcripts are evaluated within 21 days of acceptance to URI. You will then be able to access your transfer credit report, which will list all of your accepted transfer courses and their URI equivalents. To access your report:

  1. Log in to e-Campus, (if you have never logged in to e-Campus before please review the step by step guide to e-Campus for detailed instructions).
  2. Look at the portion of the page labeled “Academics,” you will see a drop down menu, click on the menu and select “Transfer Credit Report.”
  3. Please contact your Dean’s office with questions.
  4.  PLEASE NOTE: All Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) must be sent electronically to URI. Advanced Placement (AP) are sent by logging into your College Board account. Please contact Karen Wright for AP questions. Please contact The Transfer Student Success at once you send IB credits to URI.

How to Interpret your Transfer Credit Report
There are three different ways in which your credits can transfer into the University: General Education, Major, or Elective. Below is an example of what you might find on your URI transcript.

 Community College of RIURI
Course to Course Equivalency is when a course from another institution matches a specific URI course.ENGL 1200 Introduction to LiteratureENG 110 Introduction to Literature
Course to General Education Equivalency is when a course from another institution does not have a direct URI equivalency but still fulfills a general education category.HIST 2245 History of Asian-AmericansHIS 1C3 (History elective; C3 general education outcome)
Elective Credit Equivalency is a course transferring in but does not have a direct URI equivalency and does not fulfill a general education elective.LAWS 2100 Law of TortsXXX 2XX (Free elective credit at the 200-level; Course subject does not match URI courses but still warrants college credit)


Transfer Credit Re-evaluation

Students who do not agree with how their transfer credit was originally evaluated may request a re-evaluation. Students should contact their College’s Dean’s office and follow their re-evaluation process.

Students in University College as undeclared majors should contact the Transfer Student Success and complete the Transfer Credit Re-evaluation form. Please be sure to follow all directions and include a copy of the course syllabus. 

If you have questions, email with your student ID number and intended major.