Payment Expectations and Consequences For Failure to Pay

Students are expected to remain in good financial standing with the University and should pay any balance due by the due designated semester due date.  Please note the following:

  • Students will receive an email communication to their URI email address when an e-Bill invoice is posted and available for viewing and payment in e-Campus.
  • Failure to receive an e-Bill notification does not absolve the student of responsibility for payment by the due date.  Students and authorized payers have 24/7 access to view and pay the e-bill in balance online. 
  • Students who have been awarded financial aid are expected to comply with all requests for information and documents necessary for the timely disbursement of funds.  Failure to comply may result in an unpaid balance which will be subject to late payment fees and account holds as described below.
  • Students should review and respond to their To-Do List items and Holds in e-Campus.
  • Payment can be made online, in-person, or by mail.
  • Payments returned for any reason will result in a returned payment fee of $20 per occurrence.
  • Failure to pay may result in the assessment of monthly late payment fees as follows:
Balances of $1000 or more$25/month
Balances of $400-999$15/month
Balances of $50-399$10/month
  • Failure to pay may result in a hold that will block access to registration, transcripts, and diploma.
  • Continued failure to pay may result in further collection action which includes submission to a collection agency.