Data Collection Timers

These timers operate in Microsoft Excel to help track all on-site voting operations and election system processes in order to capture the actual processing times experienced in an ongoing election. After establishing and standardizing the data collection process, any of these timers can be utilized to track the election system: voter arrivals, check-in processing, ballot marking device use, voting booth use, and even ballot scanning. Users choose the timer that best suits their needs from the list. These timers allow for easy tracking of several voters and present the raw data in an easy and usable format. Download the timers individually from the table below or download the entire collection. Click here to jump to the Combined User Manual.

Check-In Timer

Check-In & Arrival Timer

Ballot Marking Timer

Track voters as they are checked in to the voting system.Track voters as they enter the a polling location and as they are checked in to the voting system.Track voters as they mark a paper ballot.

BMD Timer

Ballot Scanning Timer

Throughput & Arrival Timer

Track voters as they use a ballot marking device.Track voters as they scan their ballot.Track when voters arrive to the polling location and track them through the entire voting process.

Combined User Manual