Nicholas Bernardo

  • PhD Student in Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • Phone: Fall 2017 - Spring 2022


Hello, my name is Nick Bernardo. I am a graduate student here at The University of Rhode Island studying to obtain an MS in Systems Engineering. I achieved my BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering also at The University of Rhode Island, my senior year of which introduced me to the SIS Lab. My professional interests are in facility design and planning, logistics, and data analysis, as well as a growing interest in human factors.

In my personal life, I enjoy skateboarding, video games, and watching movies (particularly thriller and horror films).


MS in Systems Engineering, University of Rhode Island, 2019

BS in Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Rhode Island, 2018

Selected Publications

Bernardo, N. (2019). Quantification of Voting Error: The 2018 Rhode Island Midterms. The University of Rhode Island. Master’s Thesis.

Houghton, J.Bernardo, N., & Macht, G. A. (2019). Data Visualization and Voter Arrival Behavior Analytics. Proceedings of the 2019 Election Sciences, Reform, & Administration Conference (ESRA) Annual Conference: Polling Places, Philadelphia, PA, July 10-12.