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Learning Kits – For YOU to Borrow

Looking for some new, fun & hands on 4-H activities? Check out these great learning kits! The 4-H Office has so many great learning tools which we want to make available to our entire 4-H community. If there is another project area your club is interested in, please let us know, we have a lot of materials and may have just what you need!


Example of a Learning Lab Kit

Poultry – Available

Dairy Cattle -Available

Beef Cattle– Available

Horse – Available

Goat – Signed Out

Rabbit– Available

Dog– Signed out to Wag N Tails

The learning labs above from Ohio State include: anatomy, breeds, skeletal structures, medicine labels, handling and care, reproduction, genetics and more…  Colorful posters, hands on group activities and extensive resource materials in each kit!

Other Kits:park-persuit-2010

Babysitter Training- Available

Drawing– Available

Power of the Wind– Signed out

Electricity– Available

Rocketry– Available

Maps and Apps – Available
Wire Sculpture– Available

Painting– Available

Sewing– Signed out

Embryology & Incubation – Available ( April thru July only)

Food Science – Some Available

Quizbowl Buzzers – One set Available, second set to BIG E NEC

Lego Engineering– Signed out

4-9612 kits

4-9614 kits

4-9652 kits

1-9653 kits

4-9651 kits

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