Peter Stempel, PhD F2014


Peter Stempel

Peter’s work as an architect evolved from his work as a sculptor. He has always sought to engage with the space of the landscape and to transform it through his art. Today he specializes in designing architecture and landscapes that function in harmony with natural systems.  Having worked in the environs around Zion National Park in Southwest Utah for more than a decade, he’s broadly experienced in arid landscapes.

Stempel founded and directed Form Tomorrow, a 501c3 nonprofit, between 2007 and 2013. Form Tomorrow engaged in community and environmental planning, and brought students from various disciplines to the Southwest to work on projects benefiting the Virgin River and the small communities that it ties together. Through this work, students gained an understanding of Western land use issues and navigating complex regulatory frameworks.

Stempel has taught studios and workshops at design schools around the world, including the Rhode Island School of Design and Washington University in St. Louis. Given his own personal journey from sculptor to architect, he emphasizes students’ understanding of their own creativity and insights.  Having led such a multidisciplinary life, Stempel is exploring new ways to apply design thinking to the problems of climate adaptation and sea level rise.