Jared Sell

Major:  Landscape Architecture

Hometown:  Framingham, MA

Favorite Class at URI:

Landscape Architecture Graphics, from start to finish you could see the progress and the learning.

Hands-on Experience:

The URI-LAR outreach program for middle and high school students, worked at Walt Disney World as a horticulture intern, and exhibited in the New England Spring Flower Show from ’97-’08.

Why URI and CELS?

My high school advisor helped me look outside of my home state to see that there are other good schools that are still local.

Clubs & Activities:

University Marching Band, University Pep Band, American Society of Landscape Architecture (President), and the University Winterguard.

Top 3 Favorite Things about the URI area:

  1. Easy access to Providence.
  2. Close to the beach.

What should prospective students know about URI and CELS?

While the school seems very large, you will quickly find your place. I have never been to a place where the faculty cares as much about you as they do here.

Words of wisdom for new students:

Get to know your professors – they are the best resource you will ever have.