Department of Environmental Economics and College of Business Introduce Green Business Double Major

The University of Rhode Island is now offering one of the nation’s first double majors focusing on green business by combining General Business and Environmental Economics: Green Markets and Sustainability. Students can satisfy both two majors with only 125 total credits, and students are anticipated to complete the Green Business double major in four years.

The dual major in Green Business gives students a competitive edge for many professional careers in the growing field of the New Green Economy. The private sector needs professionals who have creative ideas and the tools to formulate corporate strategies that help businesses be both economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

The Green Business dual major has already been receiving buzz around the campus community. Michael Savage is the first student to officially declare the double major. For Savage, the double major just made sense. He had originally planned on majoring in Environmental Economics and minoring in General Business, but this dual track allows him to major in Environmental Economics and General Business, and he still expects to graduate in just four years.

Savage sees the dual major in Green Business as a unique opportunity that will make him more marketable to potential employers: “I think that having two majors offers me more flexibility in the fields that I could find work in, giving me more opportunities to find a job.” After graduation, Savage intends to get a job where he can help businesses become more sustainable.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity, visit the Green Business joint major website or contact Dr. Emi Uchida at