Indonesian officials visit URI for three-week course in sustainable fisheries management

story by:  Todd McLeish
A delegation of Indonesian officials studied sustainable fisheries management at URI in September and returned home with much more than the luggage they arrived with. They took home knowledge, skills and a commitment to craft their nation’s first fisheries management plan.

Sixteen government and university representatives participated in the three-week program “Leadership for Fisheries Management” offered by the Coastal Resources Center of the Graduate School of Oceanography and the Fisheries Center of the College of Environment and
Life Sciences. The group, with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), sought out a custom program at URI because of the university’s record of innovation in fisheries, its long history of collaboration with Indonesia, and its experience providing a rich, hands-on learning experience. Indonesia’s fisheries leaders knew they needed more than a traditional training class to prepare to develop a national plan for ecologically sustainable, economically strong and resilient fisheries.

“You are not just sitting in the classroom listening to lectures,” said Tonny Wagey, who works in marine and fisheries research and development at the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries. “What I have learned is to open my mind to sharing experiences with colleagues and learning from the ‘doers,’ the local fishermen.”

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