Tick Encounter site nets 1 million hits

The Tick Encounter Resource Center’s website has reached a lofty milestone—more than one million visitors have clicked onto the site to find out the safe way to remove ticks from their skin.

Dr. Thomas Mather, director of the center, said the fact that so many people have clicked on the site clearly shows the extent of public interest and concern about the disease-carrying ticks .

The tick encounter site, which offers a large amount of practical information and news about disease-bearing ticks, includes a video on how to safely remove a tick using pointed tweezers that can grasp the critters behind their mouthparts. Pulling them out in this manner poses little risk of infection.

Mather says his team of researchers has tried a number of tick-removal methods and devices but a pair of sharply pointed tweezers works best and is safe.

For more information visit www.tickencounter.org