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Information for Students

  • General Information

    Students at the University of Rhode Island decide to live off-campus for a number of reasons:  more freedom, to gain a sense of responsibility, a desire to live off-campus, a lack of on-campus housing, the social aspects of sharing a house with others, or the peacefulness of living in a property alone. Before you decide to look for off-campus housing, be aware of the following information:

    • Our service is open to all students, staff, and faculty at the university.
    • None of the properties listed with our office are owned by the university.
    • Many of the properties are available for only the academic year: September to May.
    • In most cases, utilities are not included in the monthly rent prices of the properties.
    • The majority of properties listed with our office are not within walking distance to the university and are about a 10 to 20 minute drive from the campus.
    • Parking on campus requires a parking pass, which you can register for here.
    • We work with landlords and rental agencies throughout the South County area including properties in South Kingstown, North Kingstown, Narragansett, East Greenwich, Exeter, and Wickford. The majority of rental properties, however, are in Narragansett.
    • Landlords use our office as an outlet to advertise their properties to students, prospective students, staff, and faculty at the university.
    • Students, prospective students, staff, and faculty do not have to fill out an application to use our off-campus housing service.
    • Our office is totally separate from the Office of Housing and Residential Life.
    • Our office serves as an intermediary resource for students and landlords by allowing both parties to post useful information.
    • We are in no way involved in the process of students signing leases with landlords who post properties with our service. This process is arranged strictly between the students and the landlords.
  • Know Your Ordinances
    Orange Sticker

    Last year, the Narragansett Town Council enacted new ordinances that applies to residents of Narragansett, including renters.  Be aware of these regulations before moving off campus.

    flat $500 fine in narragansett for the following violations:

    Maximum of 4-unrelated persons living in a household



    Disturbing the peace


    Urinating in public


    Public consumption of alcohol


    Serving or providing alcohol (Social Host Violation)


    Being a public nuisance This is defined as “a gathering of five or more persons…in a manner which constitutes a substantial disturbance…of a neighborhood”


    Transportation of alcohol by a minor OR with a minor in the vehicle


    south kingstown holds similar ordinances you should be aware of if you are living in that area:

    Maximum of 3-unrelated persons living in a household



    Public consumption of alcohol


    Underage Possession of alcohol


    Open container of alcohol Possession


  • Emergency Preparedness

    Narragansett Wall During Hurricane

    Living in Rhode Island certainly has its benefits.  But with those benefits comes the crazy weather we’re known for! Here is some helpful information in the event of an emergency:

    Emergency Supplies

    Be sure to have these supplies on hand in case of emergency:

    • Water (Roughly 1 gallon per person, per day)
    • Non-Perishable food, requiring little or no water
    • Battery operated flashlights and radio
    • Extra batteries
    • Prescription medications
    • Basic First Aid kit
    • Cash (small bills and coins)
    • Hand wipes, hand sanitizer
    • Personal hygiene items
    • Cell phone charger
    • Emergency contacts
    • Waterproof matches
    • Utility knife

    Consider keeping these items in a waterproof container and in an accessible location.  For a more comprehensive list from the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency, click here.

    Evacuation Routes

    In the event of a serious hurricane, you may be ordered to evacuate. Use the maps in the links below as a reference should an evacuation occur:


    South Kingstown

    For a full list of Rhode Island Evacuation maps, click here.

    Helpful Resources

    National Grid Outage Central: Includes safety tips and outage maps.

    Special Needs Emergency Registry Preparedness informational site provided by FEMA

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