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ASL Interpreters and CART

Sign Language Interpreters or CART Writers for URI Courses: A Step by Step Guide

Please note: The standard classroom accommodations for enrolled students who are deaf or hard of hearing will be University-provided FM Assistive Listening systems with peer note takers.  Other accommodations may also apply.  Audiological reports with audiograms will substantiate these or other accommodations such as Sign Language Interpreters or CART Writers.

A Sign Language Interpreter or CART (Computer Assisted Real Time) Writer may be a reasonable accommodation in your course(s) if:

a)    Standard FM Assistive Listening systems with peer note takers are not adequate for your equal participation in the classroom or activity,

b)    You are enrolled in a University course,

c)     You are required by your professor to participate in an academic course-related activity,

(Please note: Interpreters/CART Writers for campus events such as entertainment, new student tours, orientation, theater, etc. will be provided by the hosting department or agency.  Please contact that department to request a one-time interpreter or CART writer. One-time events require 72-hours advance notice, but will usually not require disability documentation).

For your academic courses, follow this procedure if you believe you have a qualifying disability and are seeking services of a Sign Language Interpreter or CART (Computer Assisted Real Time) Writer:

  1. Make an appointment with a counselor in Disability Services for Students (dss@etal.uri.edu or phone 401-874-2098) as soon as possible after you have registered for your classes.  A month advance notice is often the minimum required to locate interpreters.
  2. Documentation:  Prior to the first appointment, please provide Disability Services for Students with comprehensive diagnostic data about your qualifying disability, including a full Audiogram and descriptive report from an ASHA Certified Audiologist.  (See Documentationfor a description of required evidence).  This documentation must substantiate the hearing disability and its specific impact upon the your ability to learn in the classroom; and it must demonstrate that you cannot effectively use an assistive listening device provided by the University.
  3. Advance Requests:  If you are eligible for Interpreters or CART, arranging this type of auxiliary service for semester-long courses may require a minimum advance notice of one month or 30 days; you may have been eligible to register early through Disability Services for Students.  We will do our best to acquire this service for you regardless of when your request is made.
    **   One-time events require 72-hours advance notice.
  4. For semester-long course requests we may ask if you are a client of your state’s Vocational Rehabilitative Services and will ask for that contact information in order to arrange cost sharing for the Interpreter/CART Writer.
  5. Scheduling: If the accommodation committee approves your request for a Sign Language Interpreter or CART Writer, Disability Services for Students will make arrangements for this service to match your course schedule.   Depending on availability of interpreting/CART personnel we may work with you and enrollment services to make schedule changes if necessary.
  6. Please work closely with your DSS Advisor about any course concerns and notify them immediately about any changes to your schedule.
  7. Please make use of the Early-registration accommodation and request interpreters (or CART Writers) for the future semester as soon as possible.  Maximum advance notice will help ensure you receive the best service.
  8. Cancellations during the semester:  Students must give 36 hours advance notice to Disability Services for Students (or to the responsible organization) when they are unable to attend a class or activity for which interpreter services have been requested. In case of sudden illness or accident, please notify your DSS advisor as soon as you know you will miss class.  Repeated failure to comply with this practice may result in termination of interpreter services (see full cancellation policy in Other Interpreter/CART policies).


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