Welcome to DAI

This page is for currently enrolled URI students who have not started or finished the accommodations eligibility process, outlined below.

New to the Disability, Access, and Inclusion Office

URI’s Disability Access and Inclusion office (DAI) works with undergraduate and graduate students who identify as having a disability and/or chronic health condition, to secure reasonable accommodations. The process involves three main steps: (1) self-identification, (2) documentation, and (3) meeting with a DAI case manager.

Eligibility Intake Process:

  1. SELF IDENTIFICATION: Complete the Online Intake Form
    • The Intake Form initiates the eligibility process for accommodations in writing, and must be completed by the student only.
    • Please provide as much information as possible, especially in the section asking students to list the accommodations they are requesting.
  2. DOCUMENTATION: Provide primary and/or secondary documentation that meets our Documentation Guidelines. Please carefully review the information provided on the linked page, and note that submitting incomplete or partial documentation could delay the process.
    • Sharing documentation: Please note that documentation shared with Admissions or submitted with your application is not shared with DAI, and will have to be sent directly to us.
    • Students may upload files while completing Online Intake Form, email a complete PDF (no single pages, please) to dai@uri.edu, or fax their documentation to 401. 874. 5694.
  3. Students who do not have documentation or are in the process of obtaining it, should meet with DAI to discuss their request and next steps. Please email dai@uri.edu, or call 401. 874 .2098 to schedule an appointment.
  4. MEETING: During the intake appointment, students have the opportunity to learn more about DAI, disability rights, accommodations, disclosure, and available resources at URI. The student and Coordinator will discuss and review the accommodations request, documentation, disability-related information, and eligibility.
    • After you’ve completed steps 1 and 2 above, a member of the DAI Team will contact you to schedule an appointment within 2-3 business days.
    • Both in-person, and virtual appointments via ZOOM (captioning available) are available. URI guidelines for illness, self-screening, and masking apply to all in-person meetings.
  5. DAI’s business hours are 8:30-4:30pm, Monday through Friday. DAI may be able to accommodate evening appointments in special circumstances.
  6. Students who are approved for accommodations must meet with their Coordinator every semester or academic year to remain active with DAI, depending on the type of accommodation.

Please visit How Accommodations Work to learn more about your rights, responsibilities, and disclosure.

DAI and Confidentiality

Confidentiality means that disability diagnoses and diagnostic information are not included in accommodation letters or communications between DAI and campus partners. Ensuring confidentiality allows you complete control over who you choose to disclose to, and helps to cultivate a trusting relationship between you and your DAI case manager. Please note that there are safety-oriented exceptions to confidentiality, including, but not limited to suspicion of harm to self or others, or suspicion of abuse or neglect of a child or elder, and/or if clinical records are subpoenaed by a court of law.

Please note that members of DAI are legally prohibited to communicate with parents if a DAI release is not signed by the student, and if the student has not consented to the communication.