Considering URI

Whether you are a brand new college student right out of high school, an incoming student transferring from another institution, or are returning following some time out of school, Disability, Access, and Inclusion is here to help you through this transition.

High School to Higher Education Webinar

Getting Started

  1. DAI invites undergraduate and graduate students to participate in an informal information session to ask questions, and learn about accommodations at the post-secondary and post-baccalaureate levels.
    • Click here to complete an online form to request a virtual meeting.
  2. After the session, students who choose to enroll at URI will participate in a three step process to determine eligibility.
    • Note: If you’ve already completed the form above and participated in an information session with DAI, please send follow-up questions to Also, Admissions does not share documentation with DAI, so if your IEP or 504 were submitted with your application, we do not have those documents on file.


START URI is DAI's full-year, leadership, community-building, and transition enhancement program for accepted undergraduate college students who identify as Autistic.